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Screen Fix is the podcast where we and our army of fixers “fix” a recent blockbuster film. 


J.C. is a podcasting veteran, having hosted the Geek Droppings podcast for several years before taking on Screen Fix. He worked in tv and film production in the early 2000s, and has been a screenwriter, AD, and director on various film projects. He is also Editor-in-Chief at Film Du Cinema

You can follow him on Twitter at:

Co-host that carries the show: 

The Lady-Wan is a film lover, writer and podcaster. She's often described as an avid conversationalist which is a polite way of saying that she never shuts up. She loves movie statistics, trivia and finding continuity errors.  She is also a Senior Staff Writer at Film Du Cinema
You can follow her on Twitter at: 

Past Guests have included:

David Rosen from Piecing It Together 
James Baker from Pop Cult Net
Andy from Morale Bros.

Our Guest Appearances:


Piecing It Together Podcast
Episode 86: Ready or Not

Lady Wan: 

Piecing It Together Podcast
Episode 81: Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw

Rotating Guest hosts: 

Mustachio - actor and writer.
Torpedo - two-time NCAA national champion.
Kool Aid - cool ass mother fucker. 
Doc Nay - Biologist.